Charon Faustinus

About me (online)

Video editor / Datahoarder / 3D amateur / Linux enthusiast
25, Male, Bisexual, He / Him
This is all of my digital footprints.

Social Network

*You need to paste url into mastodon search bar on your instance if you want to follow me on mastodon/fedi. Or use @[email protected]

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Sound design / Sound editor

Video editing / Trailer editing

Motion Graphic / Lyric video / PV

Gaming video editing


General Editing / Gaming Video / Vlog video

- Cutting out silent for podcast, gaming video, vlog.
- Add texts (lower third, titles, or subtitles)
- Color grading
- Basic VFX (Green screen, 2D compositing, and rotoscoping)
- Motion graphic, Motion design
Price are negotiable, depended on complexity of the project and time I spend on, starts at $25.I accept payment in Paypal and SWIFT banking transfer.

Commercial Advertisement / Film / TV Show editing

I mainly do online video, and not often for film editing / TV show editing.Please contact me for negotiable price, remote production pipeline, work hours, and delivery format.


The quickest way to contact me is by email: [email protected]